When our company was founded 16 years ago, mobile phones had a camera function that allowed them to take pictures, but they didn’t have a video function that enabled them to shoot videos, before smartphones became popular. At that time, we started our business by deploying the cutting-edge video recording function in Mexico and Brazil.
At the same time, we have visited Japanese companies with high-technology, albeit small one by one, and have supported them from the stage of marketing their products to countries other than Japan. In addition, we have earned the trust of our customers by delivering products and equipment that satisfy many customers and business partners around the world, and by being involved in after-sales service and technical guidance.
Currently, we have expanded the scope of our business, and are expanding our business around the world, centering on exporting various products to Central and South America.
There were various difficulties along the way, but in the end, our many hardships turned into our joy and pride by satisfying our customers.
With the motto of providing the best quality and the best services to our customers, we will continue to expand our import and export business in search of encounters and connections with many people around the world. Furthermore, we would like to push forward with the sale of future Japanese high-tech equipment that have yet to be seen.

CEO Takashi Ajiro



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